Platinum Yoga - Where Zen meets Fun!

"Yoga has always been an amazing outlet for me....I happen to attend one of the best studios south of the river with amazing teachers and an incredible community."

DeNae.... You know I love your instruction.

I like that Joy is always aware of how we are doing in class and stays connected with us. She gives us options and encouragement for each position. I always feel good about doing the best I can! Thank you Joy!

All the classes are excellent as far as I am concerned. You really engage us to challenge ourselves and your doing a fine job of it too!

Great class and great people

Excellent class two days in a row with David. Totally enjoyed the challenges. I feel great about the experience and my journey so far, thanks to all the teachers at Platinum Yoga.

Joy's detox was just what I needed.

I love it that some of the poses are predictable, however, David always throws in new poses and balance challenges switching it up. He works at the pace of the students in the class and always checks in with us after warming up.