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No matter what your age or level of physical health, yoga can help you reduce the stress in your life and make you more flexible, focused and fit. At Platinum Yoga, we offer personal training, corporate programs, and classes to students of all levels, in a space designed with love and attention to help you explore the basics and finer aspects of yoga.  

At Platinum Yoga we take great pride in providing members with the highest quality yoga and fitness experience.  In every class a certified yoga or fitness instructor will work with your fitness needs and goals in a safe, friendly environment. Beginner to advanced fitness levels welcome!

Yoga leads to benefits such as delayed aging, higher energy levels and toned muscles, and that's not even mentioning the benefits to your mental health and stress levels! So don't put it off–call us at once to start looking, and feeling, more beautiful today.

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Lacie shares her 6 Weeks in India 300 hour Yoga training

You can practice Yoga with Lacie Saturday morning 8:30am or 10:00am at our Rosemount studio

After 30 hours of airplanes and airports, and an 8 hour hectic Indian cab ride, I finally arrived in hot, rainy Rishikesh.  At the foothills of the Himalayas, Rishikesh is a big city with small town feel, surrounded by beautiful views of the lush foothills.  

The training started immediately the next day, at 6:30am.   Every day consisted of kriya cleansing practices, followed by two hours of asana practice.  Breakfast was fresh fruit and porridge.   Then 3 hours of lecture on anatomy and philosophy.   Lunch followed a yogic sattvic diet which is vegetarian, devoid of onions and garlic, and made of fresh vegetables and rice.   After lunch there was time for personal study followed by two hours of afternoon asana class.  Dinner, again, following the sattvic diet, was usually accompanied by a strikinly colorful sunset.  After dinner there was a half an hour of guided meditation before everyone, exhausted, went to bed.  This schedule was rigorous and intense to follow six days a week, but, without realizing it, I was changing in body and mind.

The practice of looking inward and detaching from external stimuli is so important for our modern world.  In India, and most places, there is constant noise and pressures from outside.   Yoga is learning to detach from the constant change of seasons, relationships, and even moment to moment emotions.   My teacher took my body and adjusted it and moved it into positions I was not comfortable in, but after 6 weeks I was able to find calmness in the stress, and I could feel my body growing stronger.  The consistent practice of turning inward on the mat has allowed me to turn inward off the mat, which makes life’s hurdles a whole lot more tolerable.

Our goal is to provide the Best fitness experience in a friendly, community environment.