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At Platinum Yoga we take great pride in providing members with the highest quality yoga and fitness experience.  In every class a certified yoga or fitness instructor will work with your fitness needs and goals in a safe, friendly environment. Beginner to advanced fitness levels welcome!

We offer all new members your first class Free to give you a chance to meet our staff and experience our warm, welcoming yoga practice environment or to get your body moving in one of our fitness classes. If you enjoyed class you have the opportunity to enroll for a full month of unlimited Platinum Yoga classes for just $19.95.

What's New?
Yoga in the Park at Burnsville:

We will hold Sunday morning Yoga classes in the park behind the Burnsville studio. The connection of your practice with nature is a wonderful experience.

Yoga with HIIT is a fusion of high-intensity interval training with yoga, so it aims to help you burn fat and increase metabolism (through intervals), build strength (through toning exercises) and increase flexibility, balance and relaxation (through yoga). This class features short periods of low and high impact drills, following by low-intensity yoga poses.

Fitness Challenge August 1st - August 28th:
The challenge with go for 4 weeks and your top 2 weeks will be used to calculate your achievement. The advantage to this new format as all members will have the option to choose to track your fitness for all 4 weeks or select the 2 weeks you want to participate.

All members will be automatically enrolled in the fitness challenge as you get points for coming to Yoga classes and will build additional points anytime you are active such as Biking, Walking, Running, Swimming, or simply Playing with children or Grand children at the park.

As part of the fitness challenge is our Plank Challenge on your elbows and toes. Many fitness experts believe your core strength is truly developing when members approach a 2 minute plank hold. Give it a try!
September 24th 11:30am-12:30pm
Rosemount location
with Lori Kearney, 
Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach
Workshop Description: This workshop will inspire you to permanently change your perspective on your overall health. You'll discover why diets don't work and the problems associated with common weight loss and health issues. We'll discuss the importance of adding more of certain foods to your diet rather than taking foods away. Come with a notebook and be ready to participate in this 60- minute jam-packed workshop.

Our goal is to provide the Best fitness experience in a friendly, community environment.